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Nowadays, change is still debateable in social life because some people think that change is not needed and they prefer to do same things, however, the others argue that change is important in their lifes. This essay would argue that change is always a good things to take more opportunities in facing the dynamic world life.

Some people tend to do same things without change perhaps they are already comfort with their zone now. They would not take a risk action because they believe it could make their life changes even become worse than before. For instance, a man who works as accountant in one office with enough income. He tends to satisfy with his salary and does not want to make improvement because it is too risky that he would be cut by his employers.

On the other hand, the others argue that change is very important today. The world life is changing day by day and it requires change from people to make a better life. For example, by developing of technology in communication expects that people could utilize this change for their life. People could easily maintain relationship with their friends by using some social medias. However, people close their life form advanced technology would find difficulties to maintain their relationship with the others.

In addition, change is also essential thing to take more opportunities that is provided by global changing. People who run their business with conventional way would very hard to compete with people using advanced technology to run their business. They could easily get new customers by using advertising in some blogs or social medias.

To sum up, change is always a good things for people to run their life. They would take more opportunities if they can adjust their life with the dynamic life.

Change is always good. Discuss.

I'm writing an essay on this and i'm kinda stuck.

What i have so far is my intro:

Change is a deviation, a transformation from the original state. As it was said by Heraclitus, "Nothing is constant except change." It is ever present and inherent in our world. That much is certain. However, what remains to be seen is if change is always good. Proponents for change argue that change is necessary. It is essential in order to remain relevant and to survive in today's competitive world. "He who rejects change is the architect of decay," said Harold Wilson. However, people are generally inclined to reject change. There exists in us a primordial fear of the unknown, which is brought about by change. As such, humans are quick to reject change and condemn it, labeling those that work for them as good change and those that do not as bad change. However, change is always good so long as it affects society as a whole, positively and allows for progress and development.

I don't know how to continue.

I was thinking of bring up the point on how change, either an improvement on the current or a complete overhaul, is good so long as it adheres to the original aim/intention/purpose. Also, i considered how change in order to correct an injustice is also always a good change.

totally lost and out of ideas (more of my ideas are all over the place and i can't organize them at all)

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