Arabic With Husna Lesson 4 Homework

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Part 2 of Significant Words, From "A grammar of the Persian language. To which are subjoined several dialogues; with an alphabetical list of the English and Persian terms of grammar, and an appendix on the use of Arabic words" #learnarabiclanguage

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Learn Arabic - Common Arabic phrases for travel #learnarabic #learnspanishtips #learnarabicalphabet

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan teaches Qur'anic Arabic to his daughter Husna and you can join her in your own learning quest. Each lesson is designed to be short but comprehensive. A great Qur'anic Arabic course for adults & children, self learners, home schoolers and Islamic schools.

Arabic with Husna intends to take the student to very advanced Arabic. This means that by the end of the series, you will have the ability to explain Arabic in Arabic InshaAllah! In terms of the understanding of the Arabic language upon completion, the student will have knowledge of both classical Arabic (used for Qur'an studies) and modern Arabic (used for modern conversational Arabic).

Arabic with Husna is complete. All Units have been uploaded and are done recording.

There's 15 units of Arabic with Husna. Unit 1, the longest unit, has 60 videos. Unit 2 has less than 10 videos. Unit 3 and on have a moderate number of videos. There are handouts with notes and exercises to supplement the student.

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