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2. Prospective equity investors and lenders, to decide whether or not to invest.3. Investment analysts, money managers, and stockbrokers, to make buy/sell/holdrecommendations to their clients.4. Rating agencies (such as Moody's, Standard & Poor's, and Dun & Bradstreet), to assigncredit ratings.5. Major customers and suppliers, to evaluate the financial strength and staying power of thecompany as a dependable resource for their business.6. Labor unions, to gauge how much of a pay increase a company is able to afford in upcominglabor negotiations.7. Boards of directors, to review the performance of management.8. Management to assess9. Corporate raiders, to seek hidden value in companies with under priced stock.10. Competitors, to benchmark their own financial results.11. Potential competitors, to assess how profitable it may be to enter an industry.12. Government agencies responsible for taxing, regulating, or investigating the company.13. Politicians, lobbyists, issue groups, consumer advocates, environmentalists, think tanks,foundations, media reporters, and others who are supporting or opposing any particular publicissue the company's actions affect.14. Actual or potential joint venture partners, franchisors or franchisees, and other businessinterests who need to know about the company and its financial situation.



Q1. What are the various phases of project management life cycle? ExplainA:

The various phases in project management life cycle are:

Analysis and Evaluation Phase:

It starts with receiving a request to analyse the problem from the customer.The project manager conducts the analysis of the problem and submits a detailedreport to the top management. The report should consist of what the problem is,ways of solving the problem, the objectives to be achieved, and the success rate ofachieving the goal.

Marketing Phase:

A project proposal is prepared by a group of people including the projectmanager. This proposal has to contain the strategies adopted to market the productto the customers.

Design Phase:

Based on the inputs received in the form of project feasibility study,preliminary project evaluation, project proposal and customer interviews, followingoutputs are produced:

System design specification

Program functional specification

Program design specification

Project plan

Inspecting, Testing and Delivery Phase:

During this phase, the project team works under the guidance of the projectmanager. The project manager has to ensure that the team working under himimplements the project designs accurately. The project has to be tracked ormonitored through its cost, manpower and schedule. The tasks involved in thesephases are:

Managing the customer

Marketing the future work

Performing quality control work

Post Completion Analysis Phase:

After delivery or completion of the project, the staff performance has to beevaluated. The tasks involved in this phase are:

Documenting the lessons learnt from the project

Analysing project feedback

Preparing project execution report

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