Mgt 230 Week 1 Individual Assignment Part

Individual Paper 2 Individual Paper Decision making is a very vital part of life; it is necessary for survival whether the circumstances are major or minor. People sometimes make good or bad decision based on their level of judgment. In business there are six stages in the decision making process. The steps in the decision making process are: identify and diagnose the problem, generate alternative solutions, evaluate alternatives, make the choice, implement the decision, and evaluate the decision. I had to make a very difficult decision to drop out of college or work two jobs and attempt to send myself though school at 19 years old. This decision was not made overnight but I concluded after many intense thoughts and some going back and forth. During my decision making process I used all the steps of the decision making process. I may not have used them correctly or in order but I used each of them at least once during my decision (Bateman & Snell, 2011). First, I had to identify and diagnose the problem. For me the problem was that I was no longer financially capable of paying my own way through school. I knew that dropping out of school was not the ideal situation to be in and that I would be disappoint myself as well as others

I think an organization that has a strong organizational structure would happen to be Facebook. Even though Facebook is nothing but a social media site that is used by millions of people all over the world it has become one of the best advertising organizations out there. Facebook was setup to allow for people to just communicate with one another over the internet and to keep in contact with people that you do not see that often. As things progressed Facebook has become one of the most well-known social media websites out today. Without proper organizational skills then Facebook would not be able to allow all of the advertising spots that they do and would not be as well known to businesses as they are now. Facebook developed over time to become the top advertising businesses out in the world today and awhile back MySpace used to be one of Facebook’s competitors but with the lack of interaction from businesses Facebook eventually took over having more and more to offer. MySpace was setup to do the same as Facebook but MySpace did nothing but allow people to stay in contact with one another and was mainly friendly with people, which brought them no money and a major lack of businesses appeal. After a while Facebook opened themselves to businesses to go along with the regular amount of friendly communication between people. Businesses took advantage of this

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