What Missions Must Be Completed Before Tuchanka Assignments

Tuchanka: Bomb | Quests outside the Citadel Mass Effect 3 Guide

Received from: Lieutenant Tarquin Victus [Tuchanka: Downed Vessel]

Unlocked by: You will receive this mission automatically while completing Tuchanka: Turian Platoon main quest.

Notice! You must finish this mission before completing more than two other quests, because otherwise you'll fail the assignment (the bomb will be detonated)! My recommendation is to take interest in it as soon as you've rescued the turian platoon.

You will find out about the Cerberus bomb on Tuchanka that's ready to be detonated at the end of Tuchanka: Turian Platoon main quest and that's the moment when this mission will be added to your journal. Open the galaxy map and plan a trip to the Krogan DMZ. Once you're there (Aralakh system), fly to the planet Tuchanka. Notice - If there are other points of interest on the surface, make sure to choose the correct one which are the city ruins. Wait until you're transported to the battlefield in [Tuchanka: City ruins].

Leave the shuttle after you've landed and immediately find cover for the entire team. Start attacking Cerberus units seen in the distance. You will be dealing mostly with troopers and centurions during this mission, so it shouldn't be too difficult. I recommend that you move ahead after defeating each group of enemy units, because doing this should prevent reinforcements from showing up. You should also consider destroying generators along the way, so that enemy units won't be able to use additional cover (the only exception is if you want to hide behind energy barriers yourself). Keep pushing forward until you've reached a large ramp leading to a higher level.

Use the ramp, finding a sniper rifle [M-29 Incisor] and a weapon mod [Shotgun Blade Attachment] along the way. You'll soon reach a new area. It's important to take cover quickly, because there at least two active turrets nearby. Attack enemy units, focusing on a quick elimination of Cerberus engineers. You can also increase your chances by destroying generators/shield pylons and moving to your right in order to organize a surprise attack from a flank. Keep fighting until you've won and then search the area for an armor fragment [Rosenkov Materials Gauntlets].

Choose the only available passageway leading to the next area of the map. Don't move too fast so that you'll find a console [5000 credits] and a weapon mod [SMG Heat Sink]. A new battle will begin soon after picking up the weapon upgrade, but since you'll be dealing with the weakest kind of soldiers you should score an easy win. Continue moving forward and don't forget to always explore your surroundings, so that you'll collect a med-kit [50 EXO] and a weapon mod [Pistol Scope].

Ignore enemy forces evacuating from the planet, however if you're fast enough you may be able to score a few kills before they manage to board shuttles. Check the area where enemy units were stationed to find a datapad [5000 credits]. Get ready for a longer battle. It shouldn't be too hard to win here as long as you'll remember about using cover. Head forward once it's safe. Ignore the bomb and find a ladder instead (screen above). Reach an upper balcony and look around to find a weapon mod [Sniper Rifle Concentration Module]. Another weapon upgrade [Pistol Melee Stunner] can be found a little further ahead.

Once again, you should ignore enemy soldiers. Don't move forward right away, because one of the engineers has left a turret here and it must be destroyed. Search this area to find turian technology [2500 credits], a med-kit [100 EXP] and a terminal with turret control schematics (they're needed to complete Citadel: Cerberus Automated Turret Schematics side mission). Save your game after finding a new ladder (screen above), because interacting with it will trigger a cut-scene and you'll soon begin the final battle of this quest [600 EXP].

The main purpose of this battle is to keep defending lieutenant Victus while he's trying to disarm the bomb (his energy bar is displayed in the top right corner of the screen). Place one team member near the left passageway and one team member near the right passageway and wait for the battle to start. Your allies will be shouting each time a Cerberus shuttle has arrived, informing you where the next attack will take place. That's where you must go in order to assist your colleague in defeating enemy units. Don't worry about ammunition or grenades too much, because this isn't a long battle and defending Victus is very important.

The final phase of this battle will feature an arrival of an enemy Atlas mech. As soon as this has happened check the area to your right in order to find a unique weapon [M-560 Hydra Rocket Launcher]. Use the launcher to destroy the mech and of course remain close to the cover while you're aiming, so you won't become an easy target. Once you've destroyed the mech you'll have to deal with several other groups of soldiers, but it shouldn't be too hard. The mission will end with a cut-scene showing a heroic death of lieutenant Victus while trying to disarm the bomb. Wait until you return to Normandy where you'll talk to admiral Hackett, the Primarch and Wreav/Wrex.

Prizes for completing the mission:

Old Blood: Missing Scout

This mission can be initiated by speaking to the Chief Scout in Tuchanka and speaking to him about a missing scout prior to heading out on Mordin’s loyalty mission 'Old Blood'.

During the mission, you will eventually come across a sick Krogan. Convince him to return to the Urdnot Camp to complete the mission. You can see the walkthrough page for the exact details.

Mission Completion Reward: 40 XP

Combustion Manifold

This mission can be initiated by picking up the Combustion Manifold item from a flipped vehicle in Mordin’s loyalty mission - Mordin: Old Blood (see the walkthrough page for the exact location).

To complete the mission, you will need to turn in the Combustion Manifold to the mechanic working on the APC near the Krogan clinic after completing the Old Blood mission. Doing so will complete the task.

Mission Completion Reward: 40 XP

Killing Pyjaks

Find the merchant Ratch on Tuchanka and enter into a conversation with him. Push the dialogue towards talking about Pyjaks. After a few lines, you’ll receive a side-quest to eliminate some of the critters.

Run over to the turret by the Chief Scout nearby and interact with it. This will initiate a short mini game that has you shooting at waves of Pyjaks that run across the open ground towards your position. You need to eliminate three waves of these with fewer than five escaping in order to complete the task.

Once successful, return to Ratch and speak with him to end the side-mission.

Mission Completion Rewards: 40 XP, Discount at Ratch’s Store

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