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War is, first of all, a behavior pattern that means a definite state of organized conflict between two or more social entities. The main reason for such a conflict is an attempt to be on top of hierarchy either psychological or material. Aspect of domination is basic for all wars throughout history. But all over the history war was undertaken as noble. Nowadays we can postulate war not only as undesirable but also as morally problematic issue.

Are there reasonable causes to start a war? It is obvious that the issue is deeper than it seems. Pacifists will surely announce that there are no fair reasons to start any kind of war. Other point of view lies in accepting perceived threat as possible viable reason for a war.

But in this case there are some questions to be answered. When does this threat become a serious reason for a war? What are after-effects or consequences of ignoring the upcoming threat? How much time should pass from the moment when the threat appears to the moment when actions need to be taken?

Threats also can be different. Are they life-important? In terms of war we understand threat as threat to human existence: scarce and deficient resources or incompatible ideology. The unchangeable factor for all kind of wars is the usage of organized violence and destruction of lives and property.
Anyway, injustice also develops; it also has dynamics. And the question is: should people risk their lives fighting or should they risk becoming victims?
Modern international law accepts only two types of wars: war of defense and wars that are sanctioned by UN Security Council (for example, peace keeping operations).

To sum up we’d better use words of Carl Von Clausewitz: “Every age has its own kind of war, its own limiting conditions and its own peculiar preconceptions.”


How To Compose A Strong Argumentative Essay On World War II: Tips And Tricks

World War II was length and involved some major countries on the Axis and the Allies’ sides. The advances made in the world of war and the individual agendas for all involved will help to make for a great essay. If you are assigned a composition use our tips and tricks.

Tips and Tricks

  • Write about a person-the people involved were different, brave, scary, and full of personality. Focus on a person and argue the role he or she played dint he war. Some same names might be-
    • Neville Chamberlain
    • Winston Churchill
    • Eleanor Roosevelt
    • General Eisenhower
    • General Patton
    • Hitler
    • Mussolini
    • Emperor Hirohito
    • The Kamikazes
    • Eleanor Roosevelt
    • King George
  • Consider focusing on just one of the countries involved or impacted in the event such as
    • Japan
    • Russia
    • Germany
    • Poland
    • France
    • United States
    • Great Britain
    • Spain
    • China
  • Study and write about the concentration camps, death camps, and ghettos
  • Write about the Nazi plan for a perfect race and why it would never have worked
  • Make sure you understand the war, and how it unfolded. You have to know the events, all the players, and the major incidents. The major battles, and the two sides
  • Compose a piece on women and the role they played in it
  • Compose a piece on Native Americans and the role they played in it
  • Compose a piece on African Americans and the role they played in it
  • Consider an essay on how the war helped end the Great Depression
  • Essay on the Royal Air Force and its relationship with the United States
  • Argue that Pearl Harbor was not a success for the Japanese and why or argue that it was a success and why it was
  • Explore the world of the German U-Boat and how those boats impacted the Caribbean and the Atlantic oceans
  • Always follow your teacher instructions and make sure to meet the assigned deadlines
  • Know whether you will write in APA or MLA style
  • Go for extra help
  • Hire a professional or get a peer tutor if you are struggling to complete this paper
  • You can also use a writing company if you need help with this composition, they can help you research, outline, make a thesis statement, write, and proof the essay

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