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Today, due to the hustle and bustle of life everyone is too busy and we can see the effects of these life pace on people’s health. Although children are not categorized in this busy group of individuals, they are influenced by the busy life style of their parents and as the result they are less healthy in comparison with the previous generation. There are some causes for this issue which are discussed below.

First of all, people are too busy that they don’t have enough time for making healthy home-made food and consequently they eat more and more fast food which is not healthy and cause obesity in children and it’ll treat their health. Secondly, technology makes everyone too lazy and children are not exceptions. They are fund of computer games, tablets and etc. so they spend most of their time in front of computers without any physical activity. Moreover, they spend a big amount of time in front of TV which is too harmful for them.

Although this problem seems to be complicated, there are some simple solutions for it. One of these solutions is to have a healthy diet program for children at least 3 days a week. This program should contains vegetables, milk and meet. Besides, schools should think up solutions to attract children for extra physical activities. They should encourage them to attend these activities. This way little by little it becomes a habit for children to do some exercise 3-4 days a week and it’ll be useful for them as they grew up.

To conclude, children are our next generation and their health is an important issue for families and the society. By training them to do some physical activities at school we can make a good habit in their life which leads to their healthiness. Besides, parents should prevent eating junk food and they should try to change their eating habits.

Children and Television Essay

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Children and Television

Television affects children’s lives. There are many facts to support this opinion. In the following paragraphs I will prove that TV affects children and their behavior. Also I will talk about things related to this topic.
What children watch today affects their lives. Television has a powerful impact on everyone. Many people, even super stars like Madonna feel there children should not watch television. Many of today’s youth and family programs include sexually promiscuity, profanity, coarse joking, and anti family plots. Before allowing your children to watch television one must take into consideration what influences TV will have on them and what are the consequences of viewing television. Television has a…show more content…

     Our thought brain, the neocortex, represents our highest and newest form of intellect. It receives extensive input from the core (action) brain and limbic (feeling) brain and has the potential of separating itself and being the most objective part of the brain. It connects us to our higher self. The neocortex needs more time to process the images from the action and feeling brains. It is also the part of the brain that has the most potential for the future, and it is the place where our experiences, recollections, feelings, and thinking skills all combine to shape our ideas and actions (Everett 1997Pg.105).The thinking brain is “5 times larger than the other brains combined and provides intellect, creativity thinking, computing and, if developed, sympathy, empathy, compassion and love” (Pearce 1992 pg.50)
By age 4, both the core and limbic brains are 80% myelinated. After age 6-7 the brain’s attention is shifted to the neocortex with myelination beginning first on the right side or hemisphere and later joined by the left hemisphere. The right hemisphere is the more intuitive side of the brain, and it particularly responds to visual images. It grasp wholes, shapes, and patterns and focuses on the big picture rather then the details. It directs drawing and painting

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