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Dear Mr. Howard,

I am excited as the new Little League season approaches and hope to be selected as a coach. I have been coaching baseball for several years and I am great at working with kids. I believe getting children involved in sports helps them learn good social skills while also providing a fun and wholesome activity.

I try to keep my team focused on sportsmanship and teamwork. Children come with all different skill levels and I work diligently to help them improve. I try to teach children to play hard, play well and be courteous whether they win or lose and I teach them that life involves taking losses well.

As a coach, I obviously have a strong understanding of the rules of baseball and help my teams learn them. I also make certain that parents keep in line and do not get out of control at their kids’ games. Baseball is truly America’s past time and I love teaching kids.

I would love having a coaching job again this year and I know you’ll agree I have been a great one in the past. My resume is attached to this email in PDF format. I look forward to the new season.


Harvey Mills

Dear Ms. Christopher

I would like to express my interest in the Sports Reporter slot with Capital News. I have been a print and broadcast journalist for seven years. I have had the good fortune of combining that with my passion for sports of all kinds. It can still be hard to believe that four years of study in journalism fundamentals the legal issues and ethics of reporting and technical writing has led to this rewarding and exciting career.

In that regard I have long been an admirer of Capital’s sports coverage particularly your nightly The Last Swing. As the longest running sports show in broadcast history I have always enjoyed its unified humourous and often heated wrap-up of the day’s sporting news. To be a part of that sports reporter team would be a dream come true.I already have a network of contacts in the sports community developed over the many years covering this field. That means getting to the details before anyone else and then getting a story on the air that no one else will have. And I will do it six nights a week.

Let’s set up an interview and talk about what I need to do to become a Sports Reporter with Capital News.

Best Regards

Josephine Conway

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