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Tuition Assignments

You will get enormous opportunities at our Facebook Page, providing the latest tuition assignments covering the total island of Singapore. Here, you will get the tutee level, address, subject/topic, frequency details, gender specification (if any) and other important information of the assignment.

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Raffles Education Corporation Limited ("RafflesEducationCorp") is the largest private education group in Asia-Pacific. Since establishing its first college in Singapore in 1990, the Group has grown to operate 31 colleges in 29 cities across 12 countries in Asia-Pacific: Australia, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

More than 20,500 students enrolled in RafflesEducationCorp’s tertiary programmes benefit from a quality education that provides graduates with a well-rounded hands-on experience relevant to the industry.

In 2012, the Group launched the Raffles University Iskandar ("RUI") and Raffles American School ("RAS") in Iskandar, Malaysia. Raising the profile of the Group is RUI, a comprehensive university approved by the Malaysian government. As the Group’s first pre-tertiary institution offering American K-12 education, RAS marks the Group’s entry into the international school business and its expansion into a new demographic market.

The Group also owns the Oriental University City in Langfang, Hebei Province, China – a 1 million square metre self-contained campus. Within this campus, Oriental University City provides education services to six colleges with an additional student population of over 19,000.

Headquartered in Singapore, RafflesEducationCorp employs close to 2,500 academic and administrative staff, and is listed on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange.

Our Vision

To be the premier education group in Asia-Pacific

Our Mission

We are committed to providing quality education through our network of institutions in the Asia-Pacific region.

Our Values & Culture

Our schools offer a learning environment that is characterised by the promotion of enterprise and working links within the industry and professions. Vocational outcomes and employability of students are emphasised, as are creative and analytical approaches that encourage individual judgment and self-awareness. We seek to pave the way for our students to a successful career with an educational experience that emphasises:

  • Creativity and innovation in all programmes
  • Enterprise and entrepreneurship
  • Relevance and employability
  • Professional excellence through continuous professional development
  • Socially responsible professional practice

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