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Environmental Pollution Essay


Environmental Pollution and

Waste: Air, Water, and Land Media

Environmental Sustainability Educational Resources

prepared by

Gregory A. Keoleian

Associate Research Scientist,

School of Natural Resources and Environment

Co-Director, Center for Sustainable Systems

University of Michigan


Contents • Air Pollution Impacts [slide 4]

• Sources of Air Toxics [slide 5-6]

• Criteria Air Pollutants [slide 7-9]

• Trends in National Emissions of Criteria Pollutants

[slide 10]

• Comparison of 1970 and 1999 Emissions [slide 11-12]

• Comparison of Growth in Population, VMT, GNP with

Emissions [slide 13]

• Percent Change in Air Quality [slide 14]

• Number of People Living in Nonattainment Areas[slide 15]


• Trends in Sulfur Dioxide Emissions [slides 16]

• Water Pollution [slides 17- 18]

• Sources of Point and Nonpoint Source Pollution [slide 19-22]

• Water Quality of Assessed Rivers, Lakes and Estuaries

[slide 23]

• Pollutants and Sources Causing Impairments of Assessed Rivers,

Lakes and Estuaries [slide 24]

• Toxic Release Inventory [slide 25-28]

• TRI data [slides 29-31]

• Industrial Waste [slides 32-33]

• Municipal Solid Waste [slide 34-35]

• Additional Resources [slide 36-37]


Air pollutant impacts

• Greenhouse effect

• Ozone depletion

• acidification

• smog formation

• eutrophication

• human health

• ecosystem health




Criteria Air Pollutants

• EPA uses six "criteria pollutants" as

indicators of air quality

• EPA established for each of them a

maximum concentration above which

adverse effects on human health may occur.


Criteria air pollutants

• Nitrogen Dioxide: NO2

- brownish gas irritates the respiratory system originates from

combustion (N2 in air is oxidized); NOx sum of NO, NO2, other

oxides of N

• Ozone: ground level O3

- primary constituent of urban smog

- reaction of VOC + NOx in presence of heat +sun light

• Carbon monoxide: CO

- reduces bloods ability to carry O2

- product of incomplete combustion


• Lead: Pb

- cause learning disabilities in children , toxic to liver,

kidney, blood forming organs

- tetraethyl lead - anti knock agent in gasoline

• leaded gasoline has been phased...

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Civil rights and liberties: definition-amendments (1,5,6,13,14)-conflicts: freedom of expression and order. It is well known by now that the Bill of Rights was not a part of the United States Constitution and that it was added after the Constitution was ratified, at the request of some of the framers concerns for rights and freedoms found in the 1st, 5th and 14th amendments. The freedom of expression gives them the right to declare without fear any threat they feel in relation with any grievance they may encounter on a daily basis like, for example, school children being ill because of asbestos soundproofing materials in the school; or, people in their own home, suffering from sudden ailments such as nausea, migraine headaches, skin rash, eye and nose irritation all due to the terrible, silent killing pollutants in the air; asbestos in the workplace also poses a great danger to worker’s health. Outline

Air pollution: definition and effects: Pollution is, since the beginning of time, the release in the environment, by human activities, of harmful substances (disturbing the relationship of all living things to their physical environment, and to each other, locally or over a large region) to any kind of life, including humans, plants, animals, insects, and small organisms that exist in the soil and water (Law 21). Kane Blake Frye thinks that pollution is the presence of harmful substances in the environment and that some of them occur naturally like acids,

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