Essay On My Ambition In Life To Become A Ias Officer

It is said that "In order to fulfill your dreams you need to wake up". Having an aim or a goal in your life is very important because it will not only make your path right and fulfill your dreams but it will also make you inspire other people and friends. It is very important to have a dream because without dreams a man can or will be aimless. It was always my aim and dream to become an IPS officer because my grandfather was also an IPS officer during his time. He would always say interesting incidents which happened with him and how he has served his country with integrity and passion, he also wanted me to become an IPS officer like him. I also want to serve my country with the same dedication because after becoming an IPS officer I will be able to solve my countries problems and also helping in making the country a better and more developed one.

I want to solve problems of crime in the country and I want to keep the public safe from any external forces. My family has always encouraged me to pursue my dreams. So when I grow up, I want to score good marks in the entrance exams and I want to work hard in pursuing my dream because without working hard, nothing can be accomplished perfectly. If my dream will be successful, I want to set an example for everyone that nothing is impossible.

The Vision of becoming an IAS

Vision means the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.

Every one of us is very hopeful and confident about the future.We have a strong aim of becoming something in life .some wants to be a teacher, some want to be a doctor, an engineer etc.

But, do you want to become an IAS officer?

What is your aim?

Why do you want to be an IAS officer?

How important is it for you becoming an IAS officer?

There are many more questions related to this.

This article will help you to know about the vision of becoming an IAS officer.everyone love his/her country, but not everyone think to serve it back, to do something for his/her If you really want to do something for your country becoming an IAS officer is one of the best ways to start something good from your side. .It is one of the prestigious and most coveted government jobs in India.

There are many problems that country faces problems

Some common social problems faced by nation:-

  • Illiteracy
  • Starvation
  • Child Labour
  • Unemployment
  • Sexual harassment
  • Gender inequality

We youth can contribute for the improvement of our country.

Not every problem can be solved or can be the end but at least taking a step to solve it will reduce some of the problems.

Reasons to be an IAS officer:

  • There are many people willing to do something good for peoples of its nation.
  • Government give an opportunity to IAS officer to make his/her country a better
  • IAS officer can enrich lives of ordinary people, can change the life of millions of people by fighting or solving social problems.
  • You can be a role model of many youngsters or next generation who dream to become an IAS officerlike you.
  • Once you are an IAS, no one is above you, not even politicians, they cannot stop you, if you want a transfer. Not even State government can take any action against you without permission of Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) as The state government does have a control over the functioning of the IAS officers.
  • IAS officer has great powers and has contacts with top level people of India and even at every Government department.
  • Working of Government and maintaining law and order of the state are under the control of the IAS officer.
  • The IAS officers hold the highest ranks in the government offices and play a major role in policy formation
  • You can see the change what you want to see in the society with your abilities.
  • It’s not possible to change the entire system by an IAS officer, but IAS officer continuously tries to solve the problems, to make the improvement.
  • You need to manage crisis and you need to be decision maker as well as an efficient leader.
If you dream to become an IAS Officer comment your vision below our team will review it and we will add those visions to this article.

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