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I'm Ngawari, a year 7 boy  from Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Pukemiro in Kaitaia. Two students from my school came 1st and 2nd in the Ngarimu VC 28th Maori Battalion Essay competition, to date unprecedented where one school takes out 1st and 2nd.  Both essays were written in Te Reo Maori.  To follow on from the award, 14 students, plus their parents, are travelling to Europe to retrace the steps of the Maori Battalion, but I need your help.  The cost is in excess of $7000 per student, and while Kaitaia is pulling together to help out, our town is too small to fund such an enormous project alone.

I'm the boy on the left with the white socks.  Our group are fluent speaks of Te Reo Maori, and English.  We are awesome tamariki, and this is a once in a life time opportunity.  While this project is an individual one, anything over my target will be donated to other children in the group who need financial assistance.  I promise to honour any reward offered to those who pledge.

So, help me help my friends.  Pledge for the Ultimate Toy Tour Package, and get 5 of us closer to our target!

Kia ora!

Ngawari Pio



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Ngārimu VC and 28th (Māori) Battalion Memorial Scholarships

Applications closed on 28 September 2017 at 5pm. These scholarships support high achieving tertiary students of Māori descent.

Each year a group of exceptional Māori students is selected to continue the legacy of Victoria Cross winner Second Lieutenant Te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa Ngārimu and the other members of the 28th (Māori) Battalion. Read the background to the scholarships.


The Ngārimu VC and 28th (Māori) Battalion Memorial Scholarship Fund Board is looking for exceptional applicants of Māori descent who are undertaking tertiary study in 2018 and who possess characteristics that are considered consistent with those of the members of the 28th Māori Battalion. 

  • To apply for these scholarships you must be of Māori descent and
  • You must be able to describe the Ngā Ahuatanga characteristics you possess that are similar to those identified as consistent with the 28th (Māori) Battalion soldiers. 

Find out more about our past winners

6 scholarships were offered this year

  • 3 undergraduate awards - $10,000 each per year of full time study, for up to 5 years
  • one masters award - $15,000 per year of full time study, for up to 2 years
  • one masters education research award – $15,000 per year of full time study, for up to 2 years and a paid internship with the Ministry of Education for up to 6 weeks for each year of study.
  • one doctoral scholarship - $25,000 per year of full time study, for up to 2 years. The doctoral scholarship is to support doctoral candidates through the final 24 months of study.

Further information

Go to the past winners of the scholarships to find out about these successful students.

Background to the scholarships

In 1939, when New Zealand joined forces with the allies, Māori men and women volunteered and made a significant contribution in all areas of the defence forces and home services. Notable among them were the recruits who formed the 28th (Māori) Battalion. They fought with distinction in many engagements and perhaps the soldier whose deeds are best known among Māori is Second Lieutenant Te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa Ngārimu, whose heroism and ultimate sacrifice were acknowledged by the highest military award the British Commonwealth could bestow: the Victoria Cross.

In June 1943, soon after Ngārimu had been killed in action, a gathering of Ngāti Porou, Te Whānau ā Apanui and Pākehā East Coast people took place to consider how to best commemorate the bravery of Ngārimu, and the other members of the 28th Battalion, whose lives had been lost in World War Two. It was decided to establish a scholarship fund to support Māori education. The Ngārimu VC and 28th (Māori) Battalion Scholarship Fund Board was established for the purposes of administering funds that promoted Māori education.

The scholarships support Māori excellence at tertiary level with academic merit being a high priority in the selection.

Māori Battalion! March to victory!
Māori Battalion! Staunch and true!
Māori Battalion! March to glory
Take the honour of the people with you ...

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